“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien Book Review


Although the book is long and wordy, the writing is good and the story is well told. My favorite part of the whole book is the beginning, when all the dwarves plus Gandalf invite themselves over to fool around at Bilbo’s house before taking him on an adventure. The descriptions of the Hobbit-hole sound tempting.

However, the book can drag on for a long time, especially towards the middle and end, where it seems like they’ll never get to where they’re headed. But it comes to dramatic climax, finally, and ends with Bilbo coming home to find that his neighbors sold all his belongings because they thought he had died off on his adventure.

The book was better than the movie. The movie followed the book close enough, but there was too much violence and some things were changed too much to be similar to the book.

Overall: five stars.

~Reaving & Papyrus


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