“Ender’s Game” Movie Review


This was one of the few movies that was better than the book.

One of the best things about this movie was the fact that the kids were all much older than they were in the book, since it wasn’t believable that Ender and his friends were only six years old. Having them being about twelve was much more realistic. Not to mention it would be almost impossible to find six-year-old actors who would portray the characters well.

The book was complex, but the movie did a great job of portraying all the important parts of the story in two hours. Some parts were left out, but the parts that were didn’t matter all that much. In fact, it was more enjoyable without a lot of the creepy and twisted parts of the book. The main part that was left out was the whole subplot about Peter taking over the world through “the nets”, but it’s not a huge change to the story to eliminate that part. It was the only part that didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the story, after all.

All the visual things and cinematography went along very well with how things were described in the book, from the desks that each soldier had to the (super creepy) mind game that Ender played. The zero gravity battle rooms were amazing.

Overall, the acting was decent. Ender and the other kids seemed realistic, especially at the end when they all found out they’d really been fighting the war all along. But of course it was weird to see Han Solo in a uniform like that.

Four stars, not considering the book.

~Reaving & Papyrus


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